Managed Services Essential Committed Complete
Site Management
24x7x365 Remote Monitoring
Server Alert and Log Monitoring 
Hardware Health Monitoring
Device Performance Monitoring
Windows Patch Management
Manage Users & Credentials  
File Sharing and Printer Management  
Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Support    
Vendor Liaison and Product Research*    
Managed Systems Software Installation & Upgrades*    
Loaner Equipment    
Reporting Services Essential Committed Complete
Asset & Inventory Tracking Hardware & Software
Quarterly Review and Planning  
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting to Customer email    
Antivirus and Threat Detection Essential Committed Complete
Antivirus/Spyware Monitoring
Antivirus Software & Definition Updates
Threat Monitoring & Reporting  
DNS Filtering    
Virus/Malware Removal and Cleaning      ADD-ON
Network Management Services Essential Committed Complete
` Supported Firewall Central Management  
Monitored Supported Firewalls  
Managed Supported Firewalls & Reporting    
Intrusion Prevention    
Web Filtering    
Device Management Essential Committed Complete
Device Management  ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Monitor Device with Reporting ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Managed Device File Level Backup & Restore ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Work From Home Essential Committed Complete
Work From Home Agent** ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Monitored Agent** plus Antivirus Work From Home ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Antivirus - Work from Home ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Email Services Essential Committed Complete
Full Support Including Adds & Changes  
SPAM Filtering Management    
Monitored and Secured Hosted Exchange & Office 365 ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Mobile Device Services
Mobile Device Management
» Security, Location tracking, Ownership details, Data usage monitoring
» Remote Features, Multiple Device types supported
Email Account Setup $
Active Sync $
Backup and Restore Services Essential Committed Complete
Managed Hosted Cloud Server Backup & Restore Per Server
Plus Data Storage
Per Server
Plus Data Storage
Per Server
Plus Data Storage
Managed Backup Unlimited Data Storage Per 100 GB Per 100 GB Per 100 GB
Managed Local Backup and Restore only (Hardware not included) Per Server
No Data/ Storage
Per Server
No Data/ Storage
Per Server
No Data/ Storage
Security Services Essential Committed Complete
Creation of AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)
Security Policy Training & Awareness (Requires Security Policy Creation) ADD-ON ADD-ON
Security Policy Creation
» Antivirus Policy
» Email Policy; Email Retention Policy
» Internet Use Policy, Ethics Policy, Information Sensitivity Policy, Password Policy, Risk Assessment Policy, Security Policy, More...
Network Risk Assessment ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Network Security Assessment ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Employee Level Risk Assessment ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Dark Web Monitoring and Reporting ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
PCI Compliance
» PCI Compliance Scans, Reporting and Analysis
» PCI DSS required scans
HIPAA Compliance     ADD-ON
Disaster Recovery Policy     ADD-ON
Data Breach Assessment & Analysis
    Reporting Encryption for data-in-transit and data-at-rest 
Website Services Essential Committed Complete
Manage Public Domain(s) & DNS ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Hosted Services – Basic Web Hosting ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Professional Services Essential Committed Complete
Proof of Concept Testing Limited Limited
Custom Programming and/or Scripting ADD-ON ADD-ON Limited
Technology Solution Design and Development ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Disaster Recovery Planning and Response ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Expert Access Essential Committed Complete
State-of-the-Art User Portal for Trouble Ticket Reporting
24 hour Technical Support Hotline (availability only, charges apply) Limited Limited
Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Virtual DBA (Database Administrator) ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Response Times and Support Rates Essential Committed Complete
Response Time 6 Hours 4 Hours 2 Hours or Less
After Hours Rate 3.5x rate 2.5x rate 1.5x rate
On-Site Scheduling 36-48 Hours 24-36 Hours 24 Hours

* For covered systems. Does not include Line of Business applications
** One-Time Agent Setup Fee

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